Alaska Seaweed Database

A flora of the benthic marine algae of Alaska

Phase I, an inventory of existing collections

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Located between the Asian and North American continents and between the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, Alaska has a coastline of over 45,000 miles, longer than the rest of the United States combined. Its diverse coastline supports a rich variety of plants and animals. These organisms have never been systematically inventoried. This study, funded by the Biotic Survey and Inventory Program of the National Science Foundation NSF Grant DEB-9870215, provides the first comprehensive cataloguing of the marine benthic algae (seaweeds) occurring along Alaska’s coast. Our web site documenting collections made in Alaska by naturalists, researchers, environmental consultants,educators, and the public over the last 200 years will soon appear at OSU.

Here, we provide information on the type specimens of species reported to occur in Alaska. For many of these species, especially those with type localities outside the North Pacific, further studies are required to verify their occurrence in Alaska. These data are a work in progress. Additions, comments, and errata should be sent to We especially want to thank Dave Carmean, SFU, for his help in putting this information online.

Sandra Lindstrom, UBC
Gayle Hansen, OSU


Access Type Specimen Data